Tejano Today” is an English/Spanish speaking program with a host and two (2) guests.  The show is an original idea aimed at creating a dialog for the revival of Tejano music.  Tejano Today will be hosted by the multi-talented award-winning Tejano artist, Shelly Lares.  Each program will have two invited guests (veteran and newcomer) to discuss different topics regarding the Tejano genre.  Subjects such as:

What is “Tejano”?  Is it a culture, the music, or both?  

What are the differences of Tejano at its peak in the 90s and today?

Is Tejano dying?  Is it being passed to the next generations?  

What is the accessibility to Tejano music?  TV?  Radio?  Shows/concerts?  Social media?

Shelly Lares, nicknamed “Little Miss Dynamite,” has been in the Tejano music scene for forty years and is a member of the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame.  She has been nominated and won several awards for Premios Tejano Mundial, Tejano Music Awards, and many others.  Shelly recorded her first record at age 10 with The Hot Tamales Band and continues to be one of the most enduring artists in Tejano music genre.  She retired from touring at the end of 2022.