Marquise Media Group (MMG) is a Hispanic women-owned production company specializing in programming which targets an audience that loves the Tejano culture and music.  The programming includes the following shows:  Tejano Late Night with Alec Gomez, Tejano Next, Tejano Today, and Mundo Tejano.  In addition, Chicana Chisme Podcast is produced in video format.

In April 2020, Tejano 360 Network began “broadcasting” our programming on the website (www.tejano360network.com).  Now Tejano 360 Network can be found as Tejano 360+ exclusively on Roku.

In addition, MMG led the production of the Premios Tejano Mundial 2021 which was first streamed in June 2021.  Now,it has produced Premios Tejano Mundial 2022 and  Premios Tejano Mundial 2023 as well as livestreamed the awards ceremony on Tejano 360+.

As the only Tejano programming producer, we are excited to further spotlight our Tejano culture locally, nationally, and internationally.  Lastly, Tejano 360 Network through its social media platforms is a Tejano Culture influencer.  Across the different social media outlets, we are reaching thousands of Tejano fans.