Marquise Media Group


Tejano Today” is an English/Spanish speaking program with a host and two (2) guests.  The show is an original idea aimed at creating a dialog for the revival of Tejano music.  The host will lead the discussion with the guests on topics such as:

·        What is “Tejano”?  Is it a culture, the music, or both?

·        What are the differences of Tejano at its peak in the 90s and today?

·        Is Tejano dying?  Is it being passed to the next generations?

·        What is the accessibility to Tejano music?  TV?  Radio?  Shows/concerts?  Social media?

Tejano Next” is an English/Spanish speaking program featuring Tejano music videos with a host.  The program will showcase the latest music videos featuring renown Tejano artists as well as rising Tejano artists.  The host will provide the latest news and announce upcoming concert dates.